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The institution

Plaine Commune is the first urban conglomeration born within a dense urban environment. Located on the doorstep of Paris, between La Défense and Roissy, identified and recognised as " Land of creation ", Plaine Commune is one of the ten centres for the development of the Greater Paris.

With the EPCI status (Public establishment of inter-communitarian cooperation), Plaine Commune brings together nine towns of the Seine-Saint-Denis : Aubervilliers, Épinay-sur-Seine, L'Île-Saint-Denis, La Courneuve, Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, Saint-Denis, Saint-Ouen, Stains, Villetaneuse. 404 000 inhabitants live on 5 000 hectares : half of the surface area of Paris.

A conglomeration for all

Plaine Commune is a territory which looks towards the future, full of potentiality and collaborations. The towns within the urban community have come together around a cooperative system which functions with :


  • The local councillors
  • The inhabitants - at the core of the communitarian project,
  • The partners : companies, universities, associations, cultural players.

Plaine Commune, a conglomeration for all: a, solidary and ambitious project, which carries the dynamics of sustainable development of the region for the benefit of the whole population.

A strategic centre

Plaine Commune constitutes a strategic centre in Île-de-France, due to its geographical location and its recent history.

For the last fifteen years, the communitarian area has experienced deep transformations, turning it into the most dynamic site of Île-de-France across various areas:


  • Urban and economic development
  • Refurbishment of neighbourhoods
  • Cultural life
  • Creation

Plaine Commune foresees the future of the Greater Paris on the basis of decentralisation :a development of the Parisian metropolis which favours the reduction of inequalities whilst increasing the appeal of the region, also by including all the locals in the " centrality " of the capital.

Amongst the ten key centres of the metropolis, Plaine Commune is identified as the land of culture and creation of the Greater Paris.

Plaine Commune encourages a development which places a human dimension at the core of its efforts. A respected population and the desire to respond to the needs of women and men who live, study, and work on that land. The promotion of values of equality, justice and solidarity.

The largest conglomeration of Île-de-France puts the emphasis on its neighbourhoods, where important projects of urban refurbishment have been undertaken. It puts its economic energy at the service of the job market, with a diverse real estate, a social and solidarity-based economy, as well as large-scale projects, such as the National archives in Pierrefitte and the Foreign Affairs office in La Courneuve.

A land of culture et creation

Other sectors including the cinema, the broadcasting and the imaging industries, are very present on the communitarian territory, and are complemented and enriched by other contributors – both individuals and structures:


  • universities, research laboratories
  • Digital sector
  • Information Communication Technologies
  • various contemporary artists
  • people representing the different urban cultures, living and working in the regional towns.

From these assets, Plaine Commune promotes the development of culture and creation in its region,


  • Cultures to share, important international events
  • A prestigious historical and cultural heritage, of a great diversity, from the French Kings' basilica Saint-Denis to the garden-city in Stains, all the way to the Stade de France.
  • Facilities, designers and artistic and cultural events of international dimension and fame : festivals, companies, troupes, orchestras, theatres, conservatories, etc.

Democracy at the heart of the development

The urban community is consolidated each day thanks to the citizens who take part in the institution and help make choices. It is an essential way of improving the standards of public service and of enabling equal access to rights.
Plaine Commune, urban community.
Commununity of life, of towns, of the future.

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