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Territoire de la Création

Plaine Commune, centre of creation

The centre of creation as represented by Plaine Commune rests on three strong dimensions which give it all its substance. That way, in addition to the economic project of building a hub of excellence in terms of creation and digital media in the wider.

An economic movement

La Cité du Cinéma de Luc Besson (crédit : Europacorp)
La Maison des Sciences de l'Homme ouvrira en 2012 (crédit : W.Vainqueur)

The commitment made by Plaine Commune as centre of creation for a Greater Paris relies first and foremost on its own resources :

  • Education and training
  • Public and private research laboratories
  • Strong economic channels
  • Artists, craftsmanship and sites of creation

New imagery, digital media, live arts as well as arts and crafts already constitute key elements in the centre for creation, and the individuals contributing to these various sectors of activity are already settled in the region. For instance, Plaine Commune houses 65 shooting studios (around half of the national capabilities). These are wired through the principal worldwide broadband providers and eleven data centres are established across 100 000 m².

Key-sites which are economically boosting the creation industry in the imaging domain are already established in Plaine Commune :

  • The Cité du Cinéma by Luc Besson, open in March 2012. It includes 8 studios, 50 000 m² of sound and image production rooms. It also houses l'Ecole Louis Lumière.
  • The studios of Euromédia, inside the Landy Lumière buildings. They belong to the new generation of cinema studios.

There are also important events that are essential to the sector :

  • The salon Dimension 3, a meeting-point for professionals of 3D imaging took place in Saint-Denis for the second time (3750 visitors and 37 countries represented there).
  • The Festival Cross Video Days, the first two editions of which were organised at the Stade de France.
    This innovative festival creates bridges between telephony and image.

Research and Higher education

The strong presence of higher education institutions makes Plaine Commune the second university centre in Ile-De-France after Paris itself, with notable establishments such as Paris 8, Paris 13 but also the engineering school of CNAM in Saint-Denis.

Aside from these institutions, the area will soon comprise new and first-class establishments of higher education :

  • The Condorcet Campus, a European centre for excellence in human and social sciences, will soon open its doors with two sites, one of which will be based in Aubervilliers. With more than 15 000 researchers coming from eight prestigious schools, including the EHESS, the EPHE or The Ecole Nationale des Chartes.
  • The House of Sciences of Mankind, Arts and Technology is opening its doors in 2012 in Saint-Denis.


The parameters of the centre for creation

The parameters of the centre for creation involve various sectors of activity, which are connected each other in many ways. The activities of broadcasting technologies, animation, video games, software and digital entertainment, as well as music and live shows constitute sectors in which the region has many
assets. Likewise with the design, graphic design, fashion and Arts & Crafts sectors.

Beyond these specific areas, other activities such as architecture, publishing, advertising, photography, information technologies and communication are intertwined with the centre for creation.

An urban project

L'Eco-quartier de L'Île-Saint-Denis (crédit : Philippon-Kalt)
Savante Banlieue, édition 2011 (crédit : W. Vainqueur)

Since its birth in 2000, the urban community had a set goal: to put into place an overall project of urban development, so as to put the emphasis back onto the strengths of a varied and creative, popular region. It is within that perspective that it adopted a Scheme for Regional Coherence or schéma de cohérence
territoriale (SCOT).

This regional project is based on various, distinctive objectives :


  • Urban renewal
  • Reducing the gap between the social and economic dynamics
  • Supporting the redevelopment of the public transport network by implementing significant urban changes
  • General development of the Plaine-Saint-Denis
  • Reinforcing the quality and the appeal of town-centres
  • The development of large-scale environmental projects

For many years, Plaine Commune has welcome ambitious developments in its region :


  • National archives in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine
  • Condorcet campus
  • Eco-neighbourhood of the Île-Saint-Denis development of the Porte de Paris, in Saint-Denis
  • The redevelopment of the town-centre at Epinay-sur-Seine
  • The Gare Confluence
  • The Canal neighbourhood– Porte d'Aubervilliers

The 5 regional dynamics of the centre for creation

One of the bets for the centre of creation is to encompass not only the Pleyel neighbourhood, but also the whole urban community and the town of Saint-Ouen. This implies the involvement of all the possibilities of the region, all of which are of a different nature. In that view, five entities have been identified by urban planner Djamel Klouche's team :


  • The " TGN City " : This project consists in the development of the seven stations on the north tangential, situated within the conglomeration, with the aim of boosting the development at the north of the territory, thanks to the presence of the Studios in Epinay-sur-Seine, the Tartres zone and the national archives.
  • The university corridor : This project aims at conceiving around Tram'Y, a link between the different campuses, from the porte d'Aubervilliers to the universities of Saint-Denis and Villetaneuse.
  • The Landy Express : This project aims at reactivating the historical cross-roads from la Plaine to Aubervilliers, linking it to the Seine at Saint-Ouen , and to the east and the fort of Aubervilliers. This restored axis is supported by the stations of the Grand Paris Express located on the territory: Pleyel, Stade de France, Aubervilliers (centre and Fort).
  • The triangle Culture Tourism Experience : With the centre of Saint-Ouen, the flea market, the Fort of Aubervilliers, the centre of Saint-Denis and la Plaine, the land of creation enjoys a large number of cultural and symbolic sites. The objective is therefore to put the emphasis on these sites in terms of their architecture, contents and references as well as to link them to an original form of catering and accommodation. This will enable the development on la Plaine of a kind of " urban tourism of experience ".
  • The Île-Saint-Denis, the only town-island in the Parisian area : The project of an eco-neighbourhood in the Île-Saint-Denis gives the Plaine the 'river dimension'. It also brings an added appeal in terms of accommodation, landscape and cultural facilities. The main aim is therefore to encourage the comings and goings between L'Île and la Plaine.

Uniting elements

Plaine Commune strives to create multiple bridges between individuals from the research sector with the business world and the wider public.

The 'technology lunches' organised every year represent real links between the companies and the Research laboratories, encouraging the transmission of technologies and ensuring the economic development of scientific progress.

At the same time, Savante Banlieue, an event organised each year by Plaine Commune as part of the Fête de la science, aims at making scientific advances from different research areas accessible to a wider public, particularly for schools, and with each edition a specific theme.

A cultural project

Le Théâtre Gérard Philipe (crédit : W. Vainqueur)

The Seine-Saint-Denis, and particularly Plaine Commune, are areas of an extreme wealth when it comes to creation in all its varieties.

Renowned cultural actors

The area of Plaine Commune is lucky to be home to various cultural actors of high reputation :

  • The theatre Gérard Philipe in Saint-Denis
  • The theatre of la Commune, in Aubervilliers
  • The Academy Fratellini
  • The equestrian theatre Zingaro
  • The DCA troupe led by Philippe Decouflé
  • The Festivals of Saint-Denis
  • Cities of the world music
  • The Arts and History Museum
  • The 6B, a multi-disciplinary creation and exhibition space
  • Divertimento and the projects by Zahia Ziouani
  • The Pôle Sup 93

Aside from these institutional actors, the region is full of talent in different areas of urban culture, as demonstrated by the exhibition Terre de Création, organised by the urban community under the artistic leadership of photographer Stéphane Gladieu.

The media library network

With the capacity to offer reading to the public at large across the region, Plaine Commune has 23 media libraries linked by a network which travels through the eight towns of the community. The media libraries, added to the two mobile libraries, offer locals and regular visitors free access to a collection of 850 000 documents (books, CD, DVD, press), some of which in foreign languages.

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