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A greater Paris

In 2009, prompted by the-then State Secretary to the development of the Parisian region Christian Blanc, a reflection is led to transform the Parisian urban city into a large European and International 21 st century metropolis, in the aftermath of Kyoto.

A consultation, 10 teams of architects


As early as June 2008, following a consultation initiated in 2007, ten international teams of architects are given the task of creating an exceptional project: to design the future of the Ile-de-France.

The 10 teams of architects :

  • Team RSHP, led by Richard Rogers
  • Team Castro
  • Team Porzamparc
  • Team Grumbach & Associés
  • Team Klouche
  • Team Nouvel
  • Team Studio, led by Bernardo Secchi and Paola Vigano
  • Team Lin, led by Finn Geipel
  • Team Groupe Descartes, led by Yves Lion
  • Team MVRDV, led by Winny Maas

In parallel to these groups, the idea of a large-scale underground system that would bring the major areas of Paris closer was born.

The project of an automatic Métro: The Grand Paris Express

Grand Paris Express

From that point, two separate projects see the light: " Arc Express " and " Réseau de transport public du Grand Paris ", also called " Grand Huit ". The fusion of the two outlines became the " Grand ParisExpress ", finally adopted in May 2011.

This project of a large circular underground comprises 5 lines and 82 stations for an overall outline of 130km over 2 major routes:


  • Orly-Roissy
  • La Défense – Marne-la-Vallée

Situated at the junction of these two routes, as well as that of the international railway networks, Pleyel should also expand with a TGV station. The site will thus become a major centre of transport in Ile-de-France with two lines of the automatic métro, two lines of underground, an RER (D) station and the TGV

In addition, the rest of the urban conglomeration should be well-catered for with the Grand Paris Express. Aside from Pleyel, there will be another five stations on Plaine Commune, one of which at Six Routes de La Courneuve, next to the main park of the Parisian region.

10 centres of development

Designated as land of creation, Plaine Commune is merely one of the ten centres for the development of a Greater Paris, followed by:

  • Roissy / Villepinte / Tremblay : Airport, passenger and freight traffic, well-equipped logistically for fairs and conventions.
  • Est-parisien / Cité Descartes : Centre of excellence for construction and development of the "sustainable town ", which combines the new environmental technologies, new materials, new urban services and eco-industries.
  • Plateau de Saclay : Scientific and technological pole.
  • Sud Parisien : Concentration of experts from the biotechnology and biological research sectors.
  • Le Bourget : A passageway to the sky and to space, equipped with the first European business airport. An open window onto the world's different cultures.
  • Gonesse Val de France : Airport on the doorstep of Paris.
  • Confluence Seine-Oise : The maritime pathway of the capital region.
  • Est de la Seine-Saint-Denis : An urban centre for quality.
  • La Défense : World Financial and business centre.
  • Plaine Commune : Centre of creation, an area representing French creativity, artistic creations, arts professions, fashion, design, 3D animation, Video games, digital imaging and sound.

Discover the documentaries on the 'Jeudis de l'architecture', dedicated to various Grand Paris architecture projects :
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