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Two centres of development

Plaine Commune has been identified and acknowledged as one of the centres for development, as part of the Greater Paris project. The Regional, Culture and Creation project is in close proximity with the Centre for Aeronautic of the urban conglomeration at Le Bourget airport, which creates a privileged relationship between the two entities.

The inter-community school group Casarès-Doisneau in Saint-Denis and in Aubervilliers


In January 2012, Plaine Commune signs the first framework-agreement for the Greater Paris with the state, to put into place the Regional, Culture and Creation project.

In March of the same year, the urban conglomeration of the Bourget airport – Le Bourget, Dugny, Drancy – Centre for Aerospatial competitiveness ASTech Paris Région, signs in turn a framework-agreement.

A stronger cooperation towards projects, which rely on the future transports network of the Grand Paris Express, concentrated around the Bourget airport and the Eurocopter site for the centre ASTech, and scattered across for the Regional, Culture and Creation project. Flea market in Saint-Ouen ; Cité du cinéma ; Paris 8 and Paris 13 universities; campus Condorcet ; Fort of Aubervilliers ; docks of Saint-Ouen ; future network Pleyel (seven lines). The two communities are getting ready to finalise their contract with the state for territorial development, scheduled for the end of 2013.


Innovation and development of content activities are at the core of the project.
In 2014, Cap Digital will install a Digital Life network inside the Maison des sciences de l'Homme Paris Nord, located at the heart of the Plaine Saint-Denis.
Paris 8 is developing a Centre for the Arts in the Pleyel area of Saint-Denis.

The centre Média Grand Paris, located in the buildings of " Commune Image " in Saint-Ouen, is developing activities with an increasing numbers of companies; the centre's activity will also expand with the recent opening of the Cité du cinéma. Eurocopter is due to transfer its site to Dugny, and develop its research activity further.

Various events accompany the development of these projects (Aeronautics exhibition, Cross Video Days, Dimension 3, Savante Banlieue, Make it up, Forum des métiers de l'image ...).


Putting into place the regional project is tied to the public transports network schedule, which in turn affects the speed at which building works of accommodation is done, and to what extent.

It is essential therefore that the mayors who favour development through building are supported: facilities are necessary for both inhabitants and employees.

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