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Regional project of creation

Plateau de tournage sur le territoire de Plaine Commune © DR

The area is experiencing a fast transformation and economic development. The impetus comes from various public figures who are fully invested and who seize every development opportunity: yesterday the Stade de France, today the Greater Paris, two symbols of this resurgence.

The Regional, Cultural and Creation project has many assets in hand to welcome new businesses:

  • Domestic businesses with a strong
  • A young and dynamic potential focus on creative industries workforce
  • Available land
  • Low building costs
  • Infrastructures



The transports network of the Grand Paris Express will reinforce this action, initiated in an environment which lends itself to the development of the creative industry:

  • Numerous creative and cultural activities
  • Cultural facilities for the public
  • Sites to create and exhibit on a large scale
  • Strong presence of urban cultures
  • Important network of associations
  • Places to meet and exchange



Creative industries : presence&potential

The imaging industry, very present in the region and with a lot of potential, is the basis for development for the centre of creation.

The cinema industry in the area is still better known for its technical services, but its potential has been largely increased due to the inauguration of the Cité Européenne du cinéma, in 2012.

With a very marked presence, the media production industry relies on:


  • Technical services, thanks to an exceptional infrastructure of filming studios
  • Numerous production companies

The key figures in the industry complement one another : centre of competitiveness Cap Digital, cluster of companies from the Pôle Media Grand Paris (formerly known as Pôle audiovisuel multimédia cinéma du nord parisien).

For lesser developed sectors – video games, design, graphic design, craftsmanship, music, photography etc. – the region presents nonetheless a certain appeal.

The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are experiencing a strong development, with a majority of Data Centres of the Greater Paris concentrated in the area, with a very strong emphasis on outsourcing.

The arrival of major telephone companies – Orange, SFR, T-System etc. – increases the expansion further and enables an innovative repositioning of the area : content and digital services, and experimenting with their usage.

Training – secondary schools and higher education – as well as research, are very present and are linked to the creation sector.

An economic centre which will remain eclectic

The economic tendencies of the region are eclectic. Banking, insurance, industrial

maintenance, transports, services to the industry, construction and public works and finally industrial research will remain the major areas of research for the foreseeable future.

Strategic objectives

Even though 34 % of the inhabitants work within Plaine Commune, there are still a few pitfalls.

To reinforce its appeal towards companies in the sector, the Regional, Cultural and Creation project has put a plan into place.

Five objectives represented by five angles of strategic actions, in tune with the public economic policies already in place, to boost the region and its key figures into a major position :

Reinforcing domestic business thanks to specific means.


  • Logistical tools : sites, facilities, promotion.
  • Observation tools to keep an eye on the environment, to anticipate the possible technological advances.
  • Technical tools: super-fast broadband.
  • Social economy and economy of solidarity: major angle of the economic development, based on partnerships.
  • Development of collaborations, based on Plaine Commune Promotion, a partnership of companies and associations, 300 members strong.

Innovating by putting into place a plan which gives the region an international dimension.

  • Collaboration : so the region becomes a competitive site of reference
  • Exposure : to attract new key figures, to involve the local population, to encourage the ongoing actions led by companies which have settled locally.

Improving research and development

The place taken by the creative sector in Plaine Commune – second centre for higher education outside of central Paris – also supports some elements already established:


  • Strong potential of research-development and innovation.
  • Links between key figures of the research sector and companies.
  • Tools : incubation, innovative companies, transfers of technologies.

Developing training and professionalization


  • Elaborating a regional chart for companies, to gain a better involvement from companies within local development
  • Credentials of inhabitants : for a better correspondence between human resources and the companies' needs.
  • Links between training offers/companies with the support of local authorities : Job centre, local missions etc.
  • Raising awareness and providing information on jobs, sponsorships, tutorship, and apprenticeship.

Favouring links with the local inhabitants


  • Exchanges : with the new generation in particular, familiar with the new technologies – 134 nationalities in the region – bilingual families (and even multilingual) facilitate communication.
  • A proactive approach to enable the inhabitants to access the project in motion: jobs, events, activities etc.

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