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Growth and movement

Plaine Commune is experiencing an exceptional growth both in terms of demographics and in terms of employment. These two essential factors have contributed to the economic development of the area, linked to the increase in population - Saint-Ouen having joined the urban conglomeration – and to the building of additional housing facilities.

The capillary research world centre in Saint-Ouen

A growing population

The addition of Saint-Ouen to Plaine Commune brings the population of the urban conglomeration to 407 283 inhabitants (as recorded in 2009), one of the highest increases in Île-de-France : more than 57 408 inhabitants (16,3 %) in 10 years.

Saint-Denis, 107 959 inhabitants, has become the most populated town in Seine-Saint-Denis, due to the number of new accommodations built between 2000 and 2009.

With the addition of Saint-Ouen, Plaine Commune is once again the main urban conglomeration of Île-de-France.

The strongest increase in the private sector in Île-de-France

34 209 employees in the private sector in Plaine Commune, with the addition of Saint-Ouen.

37,7% : the highest increase of employment in the private sector in Île-de-France is recorded in Plaine Commune between 2000 and 2010.
11,4% : increase in the number of private organizations.

The progression for employment is four times higher than that recorded in the Hauts-de-Seine (+ 9,8 %) over the same period of time.

Positive impact on employment : + 36 753 employees and 981 companies.
Number of jobs
overall across the nine towns of Plaine Commune : around 200 000.

These results are indicative of a positive evolution, which displays the strong appeal held by the urban conglomeration.

A base for knowledge in full development

The nine towns of Plaine Commune bring together 43 000 students, 71 research laboratories and 1500 teachers-researchers.

Altogether, they create an important centre already strongly established around prestigious institutions: Paris 8 ; Paris 13 ; Supméca ; ENS Louis Lumière ; ENS for the Arts and of the CNAM.

The centre will become even stronger, with the building of the second part of the École supérieure de conception et de production industrielle du CNAM; the new research buildings for Paris 8 and Paris 13; and the Maison des sciences de l'homme.

The Condorcet Campus, European centre for excellence in Human and social science, will add to the reputation and appeal of the North Parisian research and higher education centre. The first buildings are scheduled for completion end of 2017.

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