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Facilities and services

The urban conglomeration benefits from various facilities and offers a large array of services to companies and their employees: green areas, a cutting-edge digital sector, shops and businesses etc.

Parc départemental Georges Valbon à La Courneuve © W. Vainqueur

Large parks and local green areas

The regional Park of La Courneuve-Georges Valbon, the most important in Île-de-France, continues to develop and begins a renovation process.

The urban conglomeration develops local green areas across the region and in the vicinity of the zones of activity. The year 2013 sees the opening of the place du Front Populaire in Aubervilliers-Saint-Denis, the completion of the first stage for the Parc des Docks in Saint-Ouen and of the urban park Le Temps des cerises, in the neighbourhood Landy France.

38 000 trees brighten up the public space across the region.

The development of the banks along the canal and the Seine continues.

Data Centres and fast broadband networks

The Plaine-Saint-Denis, one of the areas in France with the strongest appeal for Data Centres and for companies linked to the telecoms network industry.

An increasing concentration of the digital networking system operates at the heart of Plaine Commune, where over 50% of the French internet data flow circulates. It is a major stake for the development of the Centre for Creation.

In 2013, new projects for Data Centres are being put into place, reinforcing the concentration effect: Critical Building in Aubervilliers, Interxion in La Courneuve and Digital Realty Trust in Saint-Denis.

Many high-tech companies linked with IT, outsourcing and the internet are developing, such as Link by Net, Venteprivé,, Showroomprivé.com, Interoute or T Systems France.

Reinforcing services and local businesses

After the Millénaire shopping centre Aubervilliers in 2011, the shopping centre of Épinay-sur-Seine, L'Ilo, will open its doors at the end of 2013.

Plaine Commune relies on developing the job market, and on the inhabitants to create services and local businesses within the developing neighbourhoods.

The presence of companies from the tertiary sector attracts the concept of inter-company nurseries: an extension in Saint-Ouen, two opening in Saint-Denis and in La Courneuve, responding to the needs of a working force which requires local services.

Label Prédici : an innovative process, launched by the CCIP 93 and Plaine Commune. The scheme offers services to employees on the company's premises: dry-cleaning, shoe repairs, hairdresser, etc. which require local businesses and craftsmanship.

4 000 hotel rooms

The development of hospitality industry in the region continues.

4 000 hotel rooms are available across the nine towns.
Many of them have been re-graded as part of the recent changes in category.
Research shows that the hospitality sector is currently lacking, particularly in 3* and 4*.

Various projects (of which many 3* and 4*) are being considered to support the strong increase in population and companies, including the settlement of head offices in the area.

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