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Economy and employment

A charter to bring local employment to the inhabitants

Centre commercial du Millénaire © G. Prestigiovanni

The  Region  and  Companies  Charter  aims  at  creating  links  between

economic  development  and  local  development  in  the  Plaine Commune region.

Whilst  the  economic  appeal  of  Plaine  Commune  is  increasing, notably for large companies, the Region  and  Companies  Charter  seeks  to  intensify  the  economic development.

Link to Region and Companies Charter

Since market­ linked to an increasing amount of projects – have been developing in the urban conglomeration almost systematically. Initially launched in the 24 neighbourhoods ANRU (National urban development agency), where 10% of hours worked are allocated to individuals seeking to reintegrate the job market, the quotas for occupational integration have expanded to transports sites, construction sites and to the large economic projects: Millénaire, Cité du cinéma, National Archives,SFR, shopping centre of Épinay­ sur­ Seine, and soon Véolia.

Year after year, the outcome is more positive 100 jobs in 2009 ; 550 in 2010.  

In 2011, 900 individuals were able to get back into employment in that manner, equivalent to 190 full time positions.

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